Facebook Messenger for Chrome for Windows

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Cathy Buggs
Cathy BuggsUpdated 3 years ago

Facebook Messenger in your broswer? Wait a minute...

With this Chrome extension you get a button especially for opening Facebook Messenger - whether you want that is another question.

Now you can do something you could already do!

"Now you can use Facebook Messenger from Google Chrome!" Says the description of this popular Chrome extension. Let's get this out of the way - you have always been able to do that, in all browsers, on the Facebook website.

This Facebook Messenger extension adds a button to the browser, which opens a new window when clicked. In this window you'll see all your messages, and can reply to them just like on the site. You must be logged into Facebook through Chrome to use it - so if you are on the website and log out, you will no longer get messenger notifications with this extension.

Only for the easily distracted

Facebook Messenger extension for Chrome works, but begs the question "why?" There are no reasons to use it. It uses system resources, making Chrome just that little bit slower, and adds a button to Chrome, taking up space. If you could be logged into the extension without being logged into the website, this might be justifiable, but as it stands it is totally redundant. Everything this extension does is done better and more conveniently through the website. The only advantage of it is you can avoid the many possible distractions Facebook has to offer (except your messages, obviously).

A waste of browser space

This Facebook Messenger extension for Chrome works fine, but it's pretty pointless!

This program can no longer be downloaded. You can look for alternatives in Add-ons.


  • It works!
  • Chat without other Facebook distractions


  • No improvements over website
  • No unique login

Program available in other languages

Facebook Messenger for Chrome for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 2.1.8
  • 3.6
  • (4815)

User reviews about Facebook Messenger for Chrome

  • Jordan Eric

    by Jordan Eric

    Because is very easy and fast browse us good for communicating.

  • Girls in Town

    by Girls in Town

    this thing should be official wh,y do i need to give ten if it is not official.

  • Miriam isechal

    by Miriam isechal

    I will definitely recommend it to my friends since some of them don't want distractions from random friends while they're chatting with their close fr More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    i like to download facebook messenger i think good and fast

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    I like this Facebook messenger because have chatters and vedio com.and very very nice.
    Cons: Very nice

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Well FB messenger is soooooooo useful!!!


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